Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Healing heartbreak

Posts are slow in coming at the moment - for obvious reasons I suppose. I don't want every post to be something bitter and twisted and melancholic. And I can't fake exuberance and joie de vivre.

At my suggestion, and my therapist's insistence, I am off next week to The Golden Door, a health retreat, located in the Gold Coast Hinterlands. It is to be a week of vegetarian food, no caffeine, no alcohol, full exercise, hell. I do question my sanity for choosing such a break from work, but I hear so many good things about it, and I know that being removed from my normal routine is an enticing prospect. They run classes to help with nutrition, exercise, and also a few sessions on working on my inner self as well. Needless to say, it is to be a busy week, but will hopefully help put me on a fresh approach to my life.

Feeling as I do of late, men are somewhat down my list of priorities (although, truth be told, I could honestly go a shag - actually a LOT of a shag). I have re-initiated some flirtatious contact with a boy. Meeting him, and the ensuing details, were never written about here, but perhaps in time I might divulge. I do hope to catch up with him over this weekend, but am determined NOT TO SLEEP WITH HIM. All of you with my mobile number - feel free to text me and remind me of my vow against sex with him!

Now of course the whole purpose of this trip is to get away from men, and get in touch with myself (and not in the naughty way). So, you can possibly imagine my reaction when one girlfriend, when briefed on my up-coming trip, declared, "That sounds great - and you never know who you might meet!".

Not fucking likely.

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Kerri said...

Hey Cath
Having spent time at the Golden Door, I can say without a doubt - you come out feeling sensbloodysational!!
Worth all the early mornings, exercise and unrelenting examining of aspects of your life
Do you the world of good
Cheers K