Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back... with a vengeance!

Apparently some people have been waiting on reports of my health retreat and how things are in my world of late. So, I am back to report on things.

The health retreat was absolutely and singularly the best money I have spent on myself. Ever. Yes, we did get up obscenely early and do Tai Chi. Yes, it was caffeine, alcohol, sugar, red-meat free. But every part of the experience was life-affirming for me, and every person there instilled positive energy in you and made you feel as special as we SHOULD FEEL EVERY DAY. So, I am still caffeine free, and feeling an immense sense of calm.

I do still get melancholic and upset about Bond. I miss him. I miss things he would say to me. I miss his voice. But I am doing my best to push those thoughts away. I keep reminding myself that he dumped me - and what a huge loss that is! I don't necessarily always feel confident and self-assured, but I do recognise that in many ways, I am a catch. An unabashed, hot-to-trot, catch.

Now that I have been a little touchy feely, I suppose people want the real gossip.

I had a date and I did not sleep with him. Despite being sorely tempted! I achieved this by two simple means. Firstly, I remembered the time and money I have spent on my therapist who has expressed, in no uncertain terms, that it would not be in my best interests to sleep with him at this point. I know that I like him, and I would like him to like me. I fear that he is really only after a shag, and therefore, will just hurt my mental state by me projecting some sort of relationship onto him, when really, he might just want to add notches to his bed-post. Secondly, I didn't have a bikini wax. I know that very few things will get in the way of me when I want a shag - and an hirsute muff is one of them.

Other gossip just in. I was driving to Ballarat this morning, as is my want, and spied a cute boy in the next lane. I looked and smiled. He looked, and reciprocated the smile. Now it just so happens that he was a "tradesperson" of some sort, with his mobile phone number prominently displayed on his vehicle. So I called him. He has now been messaging me all day. And yes, apparently, he is married. Doesn't mean he hasn't asked to catch up with me does it!?! Men.

Onward and upward people!


londongirl said...

That's fantastic. I'm glad you had a good time and are feeling more settled, relaxed and normal about life.

And good on for you for not sleeping with your date. Keep that sane feeling as long as you can!

Anonymous said...

Atta girl Cath, just goes to show you can't keep a good woman down (at least not for long) Glad to hear you reaped the many rewards of GD for mind body and soul
Cheers Kerri