Friday, February 23, 2007

Maneater - apparently.

Men. They are curious creatures are they not? Text messaging continued from Mr Highway Married Man, so much so, that we met up face to face for coffee. My, he is cute. And delightfully conversant. I concentrated on keeping my conversation clean and non-sexual, knowing full well that he is married, and not wanting to project a "come fuck me" impression.

Clearly, this is mere folly on my behalf. As one of my workmates commented, "Look at you - you just project sex!". Apparently I can do this over the phone, while talking about fixing X-ray machines. Go figure - my talents are far and wide-reaching!

He messaged me alluding to a few sordid details, and I finally decided I had to make a stand. Months of therapy is getting me nowhere unless I make steps toward not allowing bad men in my life. So I messaged back telling him in no uncertain terms that although I found him attractive, while he was married, I would not ever sleep with him. I went on to say that I do not want to be the other woman, as any man who has me in their life, certainly does not need anyone else! I also said that he should question his home life and just why he was seeking satisfaction elsewhere. Apparently this responsse shocked him. He said, and I quote, that he thought I was "just after a good time and not a partner".

Again - where in a conversation about electrical equipment and his soccer injuries did I subliminally convey that I was a good-time girl? Whilst looking for praise for making such a strong move, there are friends of mine who just can't understand why I just didn't shag him, since I am so clearly up for it!?!

Things are never easy in my life!


Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight and clear one thing up .... someone as bright and intelligent as you does not seriously believe the question, "where did I subliminally convey that I was a good-time girl?" Tell me who you know that would flirt with a guy in a van whilst driving on the freeway and then boldly ring him up because he happens to have his telephone number on his car???

That is a crap question and you know it, and I'm sure your therapist knows it too. So, whilst you've considered the time and money and lessons learnt from therapy (resulting in no sex with bad men]. Don't for one minute decide to stop the therapy .... the next therapeutic step is "what subliminal messages do I convey in my everyday actions?".

Cath said...

I have to say Anon, that I did read your comment and nod and let it pass. But as time goes on, I feel more inclined to respond.

Since when does making the first move on a guy, albeit in this case a phone call, make me some sort of shameless hussy. He was well and truly flirting with me, and if he had been single, it could have been a quirky start to something. But, he was a dirty dog cheater, and I would like to think that whilst bold, I was not a slut, but in fact confident and outgoing.