Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Since I have had Isabella in the house, a few things have changed. Obviously sleeping in is now a lot more difficult when she starts complaining about wanting food. She maybe small, but her cries can be quite insistent. Also, never one too excited about housework, it has even progressed further down the list of priorities - and frankly, I think having "stuff" around gives Isabella something to be amused by. The toilet lid is also always down now, since she had an aborted attempt at leaping into the bowl. But finally, the biggest change really has to involve my own behaviour. Contrary to popular opinion, I may talk a lot amongst people, but at home I don't say a word. I don't talk to myself - what am I TOTALLY crazy? (Ok, don't answer that.) But now, I talk all the time - ostensibly to Isabella.

"How was your day?"
"Did you miss me?"
"You are so beautiful, aren't you?"
"I love you lots and lots."
"Should I wear this?"
"Come here and give me a hug."
"Do you want to come to bed now?"

Uh huh, yes remember I am talking to a cat. So perhaps, I am a little crazy when my cat conversation resembles those of a partner. But strangely, her responses are still often more sensible than those of the men that have shared my life.


Anonymous said...

It is perfectly OK to talk to your animals! They respond to your voice that is your tool of communication and their miaows or barks are there! They get you and understand most of what you are saying, so why would not talk to darling Isabella. I have lovely conversation with my 3 furry companions and often receive advice, suggestions and outright demands in return. All part of the marvellous joys of pet companionship! Enjoy and revel in it

Té la mà Maria said...

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phishez_rule said...

Hell! I talk to my cats much the same. They're better company and love me more than any guy could.

Haha. The chickie above posted the EXACT same comment on my blog.

redcap said...

Nothing wrong with talking to cats. They're far more sensible than most humans. Normal conversation on arriving home:

Me: Hello, puss. What have you been doing today?
Puss: Mraaaooowww.
Me: Oh, really! All that? How did you find the time?
Puss: Mrrrrrrrrr.
Me: Goodness. You've had a busy day. Now, what sort of kitty fodder would you like tonight? This one with crab?
Puss: (Rub, rub, purr, etc.)

Btw, I had an attack of the te la ma marias too.

Jules said...

When I was pregnant with my first I used to play hide and seek and fetch with my cat. She would run after and bring back a clown nose to me and drop it ready to be thrown again. Hide and seek would consist of me running/waddling away and standing behind a door and she would run around looking for me. Oh those were the days, now I have four kids and she's lucky if she gets a pat on the way to bed at night, poor darling.

Dory said...

Good for people to know.