Thursday, April 05, 2007

Once more into the breech, oh, and hand me another Shiraz

Last night I tried once more the foray into Speed Dating. This has never been a wholly successful venture for me. But try once more I did. This time, the evening was to be highlighted by wine tasting. I figured that it would at least give us something to talk about, and I could happily get inebriated, thus making my dates seem far more interesting than they might otherwise be.

Again another disaster of an evening ensued. The company who organsies these events is quite pedantic about there being even numbers of men and women. Once you book, there is no refund, so therefore you are beholden to come, or find a replacement if you cannot make it. Further, there are numerous reminder emails, and even on the night, when I was not there 15 mins after the arrival time (although it was still 15 mins before the official "start" time), I received a call from the host ensuring my attendance. So it was quite disappointing, when out of 10 men attending for the evening, 5 of them did not bother to show up. So instead of 10 dates, I had five with gentlemen, and five with the woman nearest me discussing all manner of topic. (And frankly, she was more entertaining than most of the men anyway.)

I did get one match-up out of the evening, so we shall see if we actually get a chance to get to catch-up again. I hold out no high hopes. The upshot of the entire evening was that I was able to get home earlier than anticipated and sleep blissfully with many wines under my belt. It is probably also of no surprise that by far the most interesting man there at the event, was the man serving the wine!

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poody said...

Of course the man with the wine was attractive honey,he had the wine! I have thought about doing this very thing but keep chickening out at the last minute and yes I have gotten the barrage of emails and phone calls. Good luck! I am looking forward to seeing how the date goes.