Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Traumatic tresses

I am currently on the verge of a crisis. Few things truly scare me - and what I am about to encounter is certainly one of those things that shakes me to my core.

I rang to make an appointment with my most beloved hairdresser, and was informed that he has moved to London! Apparently he didn't see fit to tell me. Not only was I disturbed at this obvious oversight on his behalf, I am now confronted with selecting a new stylist. Do I stay with the same salon and brave their "new" replacement? Or do I jump ship and enter the fray of the complete unknown?

Changing hairdresser is something I do rarely - in fact, last time it took an interstate move to tempt me away from my last one - and even that was under duress. I loathe changing stylist, not because I am incredibly fussy with my hair. In fact, considering I do little in the way of colour, or style, my hair provides no real task for any stylist.

But the problem is that I hate small talk. This is another reason I hate dating. All that banal and idle chit-chat about what you do for a job, and what things you get up to when not working. It is so screamingly dull that I just want to poke someone in the eye with a blunt stick. I am quite happy to sit and be attended to, while I read a magazine, with an occasional comment pertaining to an article. If there is no conversation - I will not be offended - I will probably thank you for saving us both from something that would probably piss me off. When I find a hairdresser that can both cut hair, and respect my quiet time, I will return again and again - quite faithfully.

So when I made the phone call for an appointment, my heart sank knowing not only that Tim had abandoned me, but that the quest for a new hairdresser must again begin. I was offered their new stylist - but clearly I may need champagne, and not the usual water/coffee/tea assortment, to get me through this trauma.

I know - you all feel my pain. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear how it goes! :-) haha! I hate changing stylist for a completely different reason... once... she cut way too much off and practically shaved the back of my effing head. Then the time I did want it short, she left it just long enough to look like a freaking mullet. hate sylists. they never listen. all that talk... no listening.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cath, you are a straight talker, just tell your stylist that this is your quiet time you don't particularly care to chat and would like to zone out during the cut. I am sure they will oblige, because I don't doubt they get fed up having to come up with small talk all day everyday with every single freakin' client
Just a thought Cheers Kerri

Jules said...

I hate change!! But then I crave it also??

I hate small talk and when confronted with it I overcompensate (due to huge social anxieties) by spilling my guts completely. I hate that I do it but I do. Within minutes I can be telling all my dark secrets to random people just to save having awkward silence.

Livy said...

I see your point. Chatting about fairweather bullshit can be trying to say the least. However, such is life I guess, especially in the world of hairdressing. Maybe you could say you have a headache? Maybe you could take your MP3 and listen to some tunes while you have your cut. Just smile and say it's one of the only times you can relax to some cruisy tunes. Surely music is better than smalltalk?? I agree with Kelly though too. If talking just isn't an option, just be honest, and just say what you need to say, in a way so that you aren't rude or insulting. Goodluck.

londongirl said...

I hate the small talk too but with current hairdresser I felt obliged as he was recommended by a friend of mine. And now I'm stuck with the bloody chit chat every time.

But you now have a fresh new start which isn't bad. Apparently Winston Churchill, when asked how he liked his hair cut, he said "silently". A rather good response, I thought.

kiki said...

you could shave your head and just wear wigs??

the shaved head gig worked for sinead oconner...