Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hearts and flowers? Not quite.

When one's birthday is so quickly followed by Valentine's Day, it can be depressing when one is single. Just one occasion after another in which to NOT receive presents or attentions from a special someone.

Actually, it has been years since I have had someone to acknowledge those occasions in my life. Whenever I have had boyfriends in the last few years, they tend to handily leave me before or after birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's. Leaving me solo for all these occasions and not on the receiving end of presents - which I like.

So this year, yet again I am bereft of cards overflowing my letterbox, and without flowers crowding my awaiting vases. Although throughout the day I did receive one text message of love. Yes. Yes I did.

Oh. You want to know who from.....?

My Mother. Yes. My Mother.

Depressing isn't it?

What is more depressing is that this is a regular thing for her. When I was about 14, and pining for a boy to love and adore, I received a Valentine's card. It was anonymous and quite sweet. I was so excited. Consider a young girl who is "smart" but not "pretty", feeling low, and getting a card which promised so much. And then consider a day or so later when her mother reveals that she actually sent the card.

I know in her mind, Mum probably thought it was a sweet and loving gesture. But from my point of view, it just was one more reminder of feeling not so pretty and always smart. The sort of girl the boys don't want.

Fast forward 20+ years, and this same "smart" and not "pretty" girl, recieves yet another message of love from noone but her mother. Oh yeah, that was a life-affirming moment. Oh well.

Oh, yeah, and I did get a well wishes for the day from Bond. That also went down a treat. Thank fuck that day is over again for another year.


Mr said...

One will hope (after the post below) that while Bond sent you one, you didn't reply.

As for your mother sending them - that's just nice of her (albeit misguided when you were a teenager).

What to hear sad? - The only mention of V-Day I got was from a married person I know, who half-way through telling me how good her presents were (and how good the presents she gave were) said "Oh I hope someone wishes you a Happy V-Day".

Isn't it impressive how well the marketing machine has worked on this "day of days"! If only they would use their powers for good.

I'm sure you get some flowers soon Cathy.

Damsel Underdressed said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto.

My mother and my son gave me valentines but noone else. I know exactly what you mean about your mother sending you something when you were younger. Been there, done that too.


I agree. Thank God that is over for another year.

EmmaK said...

I sympathize with the lack of valentines. I think one of the most positive facts about being married is that one doesn't have to feel inadequate if one doesn't get a valentine (like when one was single). and of course, one always gets one from one's spouse.

Anonymous said...

We always want what we cant have. I am sure you are a beautiful woman. I, on the otherhand, am pretty, but not smart. Beauty doesnt last forever. I would rather be in your shoes. Sorry if this post sounds insensitive; i didnt mean it to be.