Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Can this be over now?

Another wedding done and dusted on the weekend. Thankfully after trying, unsuccessfully, at many other functions, I finally succeeded in getting well and truly trollied at the wedding.

So much so that there was of course a drunken phone call to Bond. Made by a friend of mine. Oh, the aftermath of that call.

Well, dear and benevolent reader, we ended up on the phone together yesterday for a good hour. Just when I think no more can surprise me and frustrate me - he finds yet another level at which to stoop. A few salient details were clarified yesterday, which now put me in no doubt about where he and I are at. He would like us to be "friends". He also denies ever leading me on, despite me having the online conversations which dispute those claims of his.

Oh for FUCK's sake. Could my heart just listen to my brain on this matter once and for all? So what if he is the sexiest, smartest and most intriguing man you have ever met in your entire life! He is also a lying, cheating fuckwad living his little two-bit whorish life, and acting like he is the greatest thing to have crawled out of the primordial ooze.

I apparently read things into what he has said to me - ie it's all my fault. How would you interpret the words "I just want to see you", "When we are living together...", and the classic, "Wanna suck my thick hard cock"?

So just so we are clear on this.... he is a fuckwit ok?


Perseus said...

Please, don't call him. Or email, or SMS, or post a letter. No 'goodbyes'. Just CUT HIM OFF, like ripping a bandaid. NO MORE! NOTHING!


It is gthe best thing I ever did with my ex, and yes, I miss her at times, and hell, there's the odd 'yearn' but thwt makes it all bearable is that she does not play one tiny part of my current life. I recommend this strategy.

Or you could send arsenic-laced biscuits through the mail.


Perseus said...

TYPOS and grammar errors: 'gthe' should be 'the', 'thwt' should be 'what', 'of' should be 'in' and 'arsenic' should be 'anthrax'.

Mr Subtle said...

"So just so we are clear on this.... he is a fuckwit ok?"

Just so we are clear - while the rest of the population believes this, I wonder if you do Cath? I suspect you might be getting to that point ;)

Come and have a coffee with me - we can bitch and moan about the current state of the dating world. And anything else that jumps to mind.

Seriously - coffee and a good bitching session!

By the way - he really is a fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

Oh purrrleeese, You have no intention of following the advice of Perseus or Mr Subtle; you love the game; the drama; the attention. If there's one thing guaranteed, it will be that you will continue to sms, txt, phone him and not just when you're pissed, even when stone-cold-sober, being pissed is just a good excuse to justify your behaviour! Just stay tuned for the ongoing saga.

MMQC said...

Ah men, who needs them?

Katja said...

Cath love,

MrS and Perseus are on the money, so let's do it. I have a huge fracking roll of athletic strapping tape (the really nasty, super sticky stuff) and I can think of no place I'd rather affix it than all over that prick's head and then rip it off, taking half the skin with it (I showed you my ankle didn't I post-tape?).

He is jerking you around because he can and because it makes him feel like a big man. Don't give him the satisfaction because, with an attitude like that, it's pretty obvious that he ain't.

Do it. He doesn't deserve you.

'Megan' said...

that's awful, he should have meant what he said and said what he meant.