Monday, February 04, 2008

Many happy returns of the day...

Yet another birthday passes me today, and I can't say that it has been particularly memorable. One card from my parents and a couple of text messages seems to be the sum total of well-wishes. Probably about the best that a middle aged single woman can expect these days!

I had two dates over the weekend with men from the dating agency. As a birthday treat, I suppose I had hoped that maybe one of them might be a suitable match. Unfortunately, Gent #1 seemed only able to talk about his three children, and Gent #2 thought I some sort of freak when I declared my dislike of attending weddings. He felt it a great honour to attend a wedding, whereas I find most are quite tedious. Bad food, bad music and atrocious speeches, plus the fact that invariably I know few people there except for the Bride and Groom, whom I will not see for the entire night. (Can you tell I have another wedding to go to this weekend? My third in six months!)

Strangely I thought Gent #2 was nice enough, but on meeting him, I realised why he was probably single - if one can pin-point a reason. Middle-aged, balding, primary school teacher, whose manner was decidedly gay. Of course, as one friend pointed out, if he was actually gay, he and I would have got on much better!


Mr Subtle said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to You!
Happy (belated) Birthday to You!
Happy (belated) Birthday to Caaattthhh!
Happy (belated) Birthday to You!

Oh and weddings suck - I got dragged (not really) to see 27 Dresses last week and it reaffirmed my detest for weddings in general.

And I have to find a different radio station this week, my usual one has gone wedding crazy.

Smile Cath - how about that shag? ;)

Anonymous said...

need i remind you that weddings are not compulsory attendance that you can RSVP and send your regrets with suitable excuse! and pfft men, the harder you look the more elusive the bastards are, so just ignore them and see what happens

Katja said...

God, I am the *worst* friend in the world, I forgot your birthday...


But dearest, you have me at the wedding this weekend - surely that will make it okay? We can quietly (or not) get trollied in the corner and make rude comments about meringues. How is this not a good time begging to be had?

Ho xx

a giRL liKe mE said...

Happy belated birthday and I'm sorry your dates didn't work out!