Friday, March 14, 2008

Does my butt look fat?

Of late I have put myself on a bit of a diet. My last trip to the endocrinologist had him commenting, "Well, looks like you had a good Christmas!", after looking over my latest weight results. Not the sort of comment that inspires one. Or rather, it did inspire. I thought that maybe his scales were bung, and clearly I must have been pre-menstrual, loaded up with fluid, and of course, the stand-by excuse of "heavy clothes".

So the next morning in little more than a smile and attitude, I climbed aboard my own scales, and came up with somewhat a similar result. I signed myself up for a diet on the spot. So it has all been quite nicely really. Amazingly, this whole cutting back crap and a bit of exercise, does indeed seem to make a negative difference on the scales.

But historically, I have found that the right outfit can elicit more comments from people than weeks of dieting. (I have some great pants which ALWAYS seem to prompt people to ask if I have lost weight.) But further, I have found that I think I swell in people's memories. There have been times that I haven't seen people for months, and then we catch up, and they exclaim, "Have you lost weight?". Unfortunately, I may not have lost weight, or even maybe have gained some, and yet, I provoke this reaction. So the only conclusion I can make is that I swell in people's brains. God knows how this happens. Do people somehow make me into some sort of flesh-coloured Violet Beauregarde (a la Willy Wonka), and I seem to be post-squeeze when they see me next?

Of course, at the moment, any sort of compliment with regards to diminishing weight will be happily received - even if it is unwarranted!


kiki said...

geez cath, you look great. have you lost weight?

Anonymous said...

You're looking great but I need an update, my vicarious life that I lead through the blogs is a little lacking of late, so get moving girl