Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ahem.... I have an announcement.

It would seem against all odds, at the moment, I seem to have found myself quite interested in a gentleman. And, even curiouser, he seems interested in me as well.

He is lovely and sweet, and intelligent, and for something different - IN THIS COUNTRY! I have known him as a friend for a little while now, so of course, trying to chart the prospect of a (gasp) relationship, is a little strange for us both. As is also typical in my life, I leave for seven weeks away in about five weeks time.

One of the strange things is that he has been my "stalker" online now for a couple of years. By which I mean, he has been reading all my exploits and trials - and yet, HE STILL LIKES ME! It is a bizarre world people. Keep posted... and in the meantime - read his history....

Oh, and Isabella likes him too!


Anonymous said...

Just enjoy it and don't analyse it to death and you are both big enough to cope with absences for whatever reason
Enjoy it - Relax - Enjoy it - Relax, seeing a pattern here!

Katja said...

Isabella likes everyone who throws the ball for her or gives her food. As long as he follows her rules. he's a shoo-in :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss C that's great news; I've read some of his blog before - seems pretty good to me; I'm with Anon - "enjoy it - relax - enjoy it - relax" there IS a pattern!

kiki said...

what's more important is that you believe that he's NOT going to freak out when he reads this!


Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful for BOTH of you!

*happy dance*