Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Renovations and Projects

It seems there are many changes afoot in my life at the moment. Things are still good with Subtle. Very Good. It seems that my therapist loves him (albeit via my descriptions), and all my friends that have met him feel the need to make comment about how lovely he is. The only people who have as yet not commented on him are my parents.

Yes, he has met them. And I thought it went well.

So, I had to ring them the other day to tell them that Subtle is moving in. (Like how I slipped that in? Perseus is unimpressed, but so far, seems to be the only one to be vocal about it!) In my life, I have only lived with two other partners, so for me, this is a significant step. With some anxiety I announced that things were going very well, and that he would be making the step to move in soon. Their response was somewhat less that impressive. They didn't denounce him or me, but I was met with a simple, "Ok." I was perturbed by this. Not that I expect great protestations of joy, but maybe a "That's lovely dear - he seems like a nice fellow", would have been nice to hear.

No matter. We are putting plans in place - which mainly involves me culling out all of my (significant) crap in the house, so that we can squeeze in his things. When there is sufficient floor and cupboard space reclaimed, I believe he can make an official move.

The upshot of all of this is that he has been given projects. These projects include putting wireless in the house, and networking the printers and other such (dull) stuff. Giving him a project to do is only fair - since I seem to have a project as well. Like all women who meet a wonderful man, it is now necessary to make him into what we think he should be. My project is a Subtle Makeover. So, far it has involved some shoes with street smarts and good hair product. But there is more to be done.... and god it is fun!


Katagal Kapers said...

Marvellous! Projects are very good for blokes, keeps them out of your hair!

Rob said...

excellent, you'll have to distract attention away from his head - which is every so slightly off centre....

Maybe I should just change my name to Sally Harper and have done with it? Is there anything that TV hasn't covered?

Mr Subtle said...