Thursday, October 02, 2008

There's no place like home....

And I'm back home again! It is indeed wonderful to be home, although work is tedious as usual. Such an amazing trip with a million photos to go through and organise. Perhaps when I can remove a digit, I will post some of the more interesting photos on here for you all to get bored over.

My last few days in Paris were spectacular, although I was most distressed to find the only museum I wanted to see was shut for the next few months for renovations. For your information, it was the Picasso Museum, since I am a bit of a fan of Pablo. Finally in Paris I was able to get my fill of shopping and magnificent food. The weather was wonderful, the sights glorious and all was delightful. The last time I was in Paris was about 10 years ago with my (then) husband. It is strange thing in a way to revisit cities once travelled with significant other halves.

I have revisited a few places, and all seem so much more interesting now. And I am not quite sure why. Perhaps, it is merely that I am older, wiser and more savvy as both a traveller and a person now, so that the cities and the experiences are vastly different. I absolutely adored wandering the streets of Paris, desperate to find the next back alley where I could find a little unknown shop or cafe. That is certainly something we didn't do on that trip back in 1998, but maybe it was also because we were desperately trying to see all the "must-see's". Now I didn't feel the need to do that sort of thing and happily took myself where the day might lead. There are a few more places I think I need to go to again now without the encumbrance of that marriage and to make new memories of those locations.

There are so many stories that I am sure I will think of over the next few weeks that I shall garnish this blog with them from time to time. One thing worth noting from any trip that I seem to take is the number three. No matter how long I am away for, be it six days or six weeks, I am assured to buy at least three pairs of shoes. Given that I have had three overseas trips this year so far, you can imagine that state of my shoe collection!

On other notes, Subtle is glad to have me back. And I am glad to be had back. There is some time to be made up for - a girl could get giddy from all of this activity and lack of sleep. Although I am suspicious that I will survive.


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