Monday, November 17, 2008

A Return Appearance by a Long Overdue Special Guest

Well it seems that Subtle is nearly all moved in. The crap in my house, which was always quite significant, has increased substantially to now include even more books and DVDs (I didn't think that possible!), quite a lot more in the way of computers, some furniture and various other boy-related things I haven't had around my home in a long while. But it seems that with the now established relationship and partner*, another person has moved back into my life.

Many years ago when I was married, I acquired a nickname from some friends. It appeared I was, for all intents and purposes, "the world's second best wife". Second best you say? Well the role of world's best wife was taken already by another friend. She also cooked amazing gourmet meals every night, sewed and crafted, kept a wonderful home, worked full time and entertained dinner parties for hordes. Her and I were level pegging there. But she also raised two kids, and repeatedly accepted her philandering husband back into her life. So, I really couldn't compare and hence was relegated to the role of second best wife. There might be some that wouldn't say second best wife, more likely, second most stupid. But I was very happy.

So the other evening, I was hands deep in preparing some appetisers and desserts for Subtle's birthday get-together when the friend that appointed me with my nickname rang for a chat. I explained what I was cooking and doing, and he declared, "Has the world's second best wife come back again?". I laughed. Apparently, when I wasn't looking, she moved back in. And strangely, I really don't mind. I actually feel happiest when planning cooking, preparing and entertaining - especially when I get to do it for someone I care about.

And Subtle's reaction to this title? "I don't know about the wife-bit, but you are definitely the world's best girlfriend."


*I really hate saying that word - it sort of feels contrived or weird. Subtle is a great fan of being simple - it is girlfriend or boyfriend. End of story until another title comes along (aka wife, husband). I am inclined to agree.


Katagal Kapers said...

I am of the mind - whatever the fuck makes you happy! never mind the silly semantics! Do what you enjoy, endure what you must and forget the rest and enjoy!
I for one am utterly delighted for you and am very happy Mr Subtle had the sense to see the marvellous chick that you are and snaffle you!
Cheers K

Anonymous said...

first there was the comment, "don't fuck this one up" from his friends; now there's the comment "world's best girlfriend" - you should clone that thar boyfriend of yours! [and don't fuck this one up]

kiki said...

"I actually feel happiest when planning cooking, preparing and entertaining"

must be that italian blood in you...

Perseus said...

I also think 'partner' sucks and will take just about any other alternative, including boyfriend/girlfriend.

I have referred to girlfriends in the past as 'the missus'.

I also like, 'ladyfriend' and 'gentleman caller'.

Mr Subtle said...

I'd really like to know who "Anonymous:10:21" is ... I like the way the think!

Over use of titles, to me, seems to be detracting from the title it self.

Personally, I find being the best "partner" to your "partner" is the only way to be. No matter what the title is.

meva said...

I actually hate cooking. I really hate all that fuss and bother and boiling and grating and grilling and chopping and mixing and baking and blending and kneading and stirring and basting.

But I love feeding the people I love. Love it.