Friday, December 05, 2008

In the absence of anything interesting to write...

I made a statement yesterday to Subtle that it seems like my life is very unbloggable at the moment. He took this as a bad thing. But it isn't necesssarily so.

In times gone by, well, really since the inception of this blog, it seems that what makes good blog fodder is drama and emotion. And when I say good blog fodder, I mean for both the reader and me as the writer. My life was always full of dramatic ups and downs - rather in the way of a person with bi-polar (now that is concerning to note isn't it?). Bond used to say was that I thrived on drama - although I still stand by the fact that life while having him in my life, things would have been greatly enhanced by the injection of him telling some truths.... but I digress.

But with Subtle, there is no drama. Well, a lot less anyway. This is, after all, still me. After the (slight) drama of me being gone for seven weeks of our relationship so far, Subtle moved in, virtually the moment I got home from Russia. We have easily fallen into a state of domesticity which sounds a little tedious to some perhaps. The drama in my life is (mostly) limited to that performed on the stage or inflicted upon me at work. Our relationship is so full of love, respect and security that drama has taken itself on a long walk away from me.

So here I am... with nothing interesting to blog about. Doesn't it seem dull to say, "Life is wonderful - I have a fantastic relationship with a lovely man who supports and loves me - Work is fine - Isabella is gorgeous....."? Why should it seem dull to have a life full of positives at the moment? Or I could just say, Fuck it, I am happy.. deal with it!

So, be prepared for less salacious blog entries and more examinings of minutiae of everyday life until some new drama befalls me*!

*Fingers crossed for no dramas.....


Mr Subtle said...
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Mr Subtle said...

While I'm more than ok with the normal and no bad drama - perhaps the suggesting of "Something juicy" could keep the people coming back?

Even if we have to make it up?

And I don't think it's a bad thing - I think my comment was more that when one is use to something it can be very difficult to change. But then again, once change is seen to be a good thing it will be a smooth ride.

jo_blue said...

I agree with you. People love drama and it feels good to get it all out on a blog. When my life took a turn for the better, I found myself sitting in front of my computer thinking what the hell am I going to write about!! And I'm like you - mood swings, almost borderline personality given the right mix of circumstances and a certain ex husband. Now I just record my life - there are issues that need to be thrashed out still and while they might not be interesting to anyone else, they are my thought and I need to deal with them. So I know you'll find something to write about - you do write well.


Katagal Kapers said...

Cath, now you could make a discussion about watching paint dry interesting!
I, for one, am delighted you have reached this point in your life with Mr Subtle and am enjoying hearing your happiness by proxy!
You go girl!!

Perseus said...

I'm with them. It's a great blog anyway, regardless of where you're at. Just write! My only complaint is that you don't post regularly enough.