Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guilt and Shopping

It has been a few weeks now since my injury, and I am still hobbling around. It is improving in that I have no bruising anymore, and the swelling is isolated to the joint of concern. I have been undertaking physio which proves to be a twice-weekly reminder of the pain that still exists there. Tap dancing is becoming a distant memory, and the thought of being able to run is indeed foreign. I am assured that one day it will be ok once again. But for now, walking is challenging enough for me.

But the real crime of the whole situation is not the costly physio, ongoing pain or cankles I suffered. The pain is that I can't wear my normal shoes. No high heels. At all. Now with compromised balance, teetering in heels is a no go zone. I have been able to manage some very careful sauntering in wedges with full support around my foot. My physiotherapist said that I could start introducing some heels back into my wardrobe this week. I leapt with glee and then perused my selection. It seems that I own a couple of pairs of flat shoes, some casual trainer type shoes and all the rest are minimum two inches high. Minimum!

Begrudgingly I had to admit that I am not yet able to tolerate my usual footwear. I was then faced with a shoe dilemna. Clearly I needed some shoes, even just for work, that had "some" small heel to begin the transition back to normality. Do I spend my usual on a pair of fashionably reasonable shoes, despite the fact that I don't particularly enjoy a mid-heel height shoe? Or do I buy the cheapest I can to "do the job" until I am back to normal? I am certainly tempted by the latter option, much as it shames me to say. Unless of course, I can ignore the guilt that Subtle is trying to lay on me when I say the words, "I think I need to buy new shoes!"


Jules said...

Having puffy arse feet that don't fit hardly any shoes I feel your pain. The only time I have been able to wear heels in the last four years was at my wedding and that was when I got a $5 shoe warehouse pair because I knew that I would tolerate them for the ceremony and then as soon as I could get them off I would.

Good luck chic!!

Anonymous said...

Miss C, definitely go the "do the job" version - wear them until you are back in heels and then recycle to "SAVERS" ... a winner all round!

Katja said...

Hey, if he really loved you, he'd understand the pressing need to buy some shoes for this challenging time in your life.

And if it's a wide heel, 2 inches is great!

I find it sad that for the last year I've found it hard to justify buying any shoes at all! I'm horrifed at the price of them, and wait for the sales and other than the cute red pair of MJs I bought with you in June last year, gave in and bought a pair of rather boring and practical summer sandals 3 weeks ago.

Oh shoes, how I miss thee.