Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten to go....

Ten days out from the wedding and many people are asking me the same question.

"Are you excited?"

How does one answer that? If you don't answer with an emphatic "Yes!", people think there is something with you. But really, describing my feelings as "excitement" is a strange thing, more like joyful anticipation. I am a little anxious, but only for the day and the plans to all come to fruition. I am looking forward to marrying Subtle, and being on our holiday. But, honestly, the progression to marriage in our relationship seems so natural, that "excitement" is not the right word.

That all said, this is after all, me, and drama should be my middle name. I could have made things easy on myself by sub-contracting out all jobs for the wedding, and just sat around doing my nails. But, no, I must have drama, and have given myself the job of cooking the wedding cake - the multi-layer, multiple, fancy iced wedding cake. So my currently list of things to do prior to next Friday's joyous event includes;
- Purchasing 4kg of butter, 3 dozen eggs, 4kg of sugar, 1.2kg of Chocolate and then bulk amounts of other delightful ingredients
- Cooking in my domestic oven, 6 cakes in ranges of 10 to 12 inches in diameter
- Finding time to somehow get my nails looking decent
- Continue removing any trace evidence of hair on my body for my beachside honeymoon
- Meet Subtle's family matriarch and impress her
- Entertain out of town guests
- Practice wearing my wedding shoes so I don't have blisters the size of beach balls
- Continue daily exfoliating to avoid any last minute stress pimples
- Bleach my teeth white so that I can at least attempt to smile in some photos
- Write romantic and meaningful wedding vows that don't sound like bad greeting cards
- Avoid killing any or all members of my or Subtle's family

Anything else I have left out?


Mr Subtle said...

you did miss one thing:
- Don't kill Subtle because he "forgot" something he didn't know in the first place. Or something along those lines.

This will go off without a hiccup and even if someone does hiccup as long as we end up getting married and having a wonderful time doing it, that's all that counts.

Katagal Kapers said...

Hear Hear Subtle!!!

I look forward to hearing all the reports from Miss Katja upon her return!
Have a wonderful day xx


Katja said...


If you're wearing a corsage, for god's sake, DON'T DO WHAT MY HUSBAND DID AND PUT THE FUCKER ON UPSIDE DOWN. Okay, so it was his mum that pinned it on, but he still looks like an idiot in all the photos taken before I managed to right the wrong...

I'd make a list of stuff that you absolutely must remember (rings, suit, reg grundies, socks) and make sure you have a written list from Ho of people that need to be mentioned in the speechy bits. Otherwise, insist on all complaints in writing with 3 days notice :)

Anonymous said...

there will be no reg grundies!