Friday, December 18, 2009

You just can't take some people anywhere
I am about to relate a story that happened to Subtle and I on Tuesday night, and I will admit to actually being a little embarrassed by it. I don't get embarrassed as a general rule. Many have tried to embarrass me, and have failed. There are a few who have made me blush (yes, Subtle, you are one), and even those instances are very rare.

A little while ago, I decided that Subtle and I should go on a "date". You know, dress up, go somewhere really nice and have a nice dinner. Of course, in the interim, a few other events came up, and it ended up being another dinner in a week of glamorous and yummy dinners. But this was a dinner with just the two of us. So, sort of romantic. Sort of nice.

I picked out a restaurant that sounded fabulous, and made a booking. When we arrived on the night, the place was suitably busy and the decor and atmosphere drew me in straightaway. We were seated and began perusing the menu. Now, unfortunately for us, we were both quite hungry and had a later booking than I would have preferred. We immediately got down to business and ordered drinks and food. We were not sure as to the time frame that our meal would take, and as often happens in busy restaurants, were worried about some significant time.

We took a look to the table to my left and found that it was being exited by a large group of people. They had clearly had a banquet type of meal, the serving plates still there, and there was still untouched food on the platters. As they left, I looked at the untouched food (some dolmade type food if you must know) and looked at Subtle and salivated. I commented, "You know, it is just sitting there and noone would know if we snuck a bit of that completely untouched food!". To this Subtle responded with, "You know I am not going to stop you, and they are just going to throw it out!".

With logic like that, I was gone. I swooped into action, and deftly removed two darling dolmades and slipped then onto our plates. They were divine. The plan was complete, and we were up one little dolmade and I had saved the world from more wasted food.


Except as I had a piece of this delightful morsel half chewed in my mouth, our waiter took that exact moment to return to our table and enquire as to whether we had any dietary requirements the chef should be aware of. How does one not look sheepish and admit to no requirements? Clearly we are the worst sort of scabs stealing food from other tables!

The meal was wonderful and our waiters all in attendance appropriately. At the end of the night when the bill was presented, I added on a "generous" tip. Subtle spied the tip amount and commented, "Are you sure the service was worth that much?". Probably not, but my guilt comes at a high cost.

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Katagal Kapers said...

Well I think you were on the right track in this day and age of being considerate of your carbon footprint and all that it entails - you were just doing your bit really