Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The things that people say...

I am a great talker. (Please feign surprise if you can....) That said, I never feel the need for making idle conversation just for the sake of it. This has been the reason in the past that I have had difficulty in finding a new hairdresser when required. Similarly, finding someone to attend to my pubic topiary needs. I don't want to discuss the most inane things - frankly I would rather I could read a book and let them get on with it.

The same goes for idle chit-chat at parties and so forth. I detest the superficiality of many conversations, when it seems its only purpose is to fill the air with sound.

But my most LOATHED form of idle chat is the one I seem to be getting a lot of late. (In fact, both Mr Subtle and I.) It seems that since our nuptials, over three months ago, whenever we see someone that we may have not seen since then, or before, their only form of conversation is the question, "So how is married life?".

I can't tell you how frustrating and ridiculous I find this statement. I had taken to replying, with some element of glibness, "Oh just the same, except now I get to complain about my husband, rather than my boyfriend." I thought, perhaps, that this reaction was limited to myself, especially since I can be a trifle grumpy with people I perceive as stupid. But, thankfully, my darling Mr Subtle said that he has been getting inundated with the same question, and he too has come up with his standard answer. For him, he replies, "About the same, except now I get to wear this pretty ring!".

Bless him!


kiki said...

so how is married life anyway?

Katagal Kapers said...

I suppose the whole palaver of getting married and the big day and all the attendent hoopla creates an expectation to those amongst us who aren't married to be inherently curious about "how married life" is compared to what we know about single life otherwise why would you bother with the expense and carry one etc etc.
Just my idea anyway

Anonymous said...

And for the rest of us who are married, it's a chance to be condescending :P

Katja said...

Whoops, signed with the wrong ID.