Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now that I am getting to the final weeks of this pregnancy, I am really starting to notice distinct changes going on. Yes, there is the clearly obvious bump, which brings out strange changes in those around you. All of a sudden, people want to touch you. People who I wouldn't have thought would we be interested in a bulging belly, suddenly want to stroke the stomach and have some sort of laying on of hands ceremony. I think it very odd, since I have never liked looking at pregnant women, so touching them would be way out of the question. The only times it really bothers me is when people do it without asking first, and if they aren't good friends, it feels weird no matter what.

But the major change I have noticed is my speed. The speed at which I do everything, or anything for that matter, has significantly slowed down. Everything takes longer and is more cumbersome to do. Probably all seems pretty obvious to others, but I have really noticed it in the last week or two. Going upstairs, going downstairs, getting out of chairs, getting into chairs, cooking dinner, etc. Trying to do things that I used to do, at a pace that I normally used to do, exhausts me. Walking is now a saunter, not a stride. And the great irony is to be tired most of the time, but have difficulty sleeping!

I wonder if it would be any easier doing this whole pregnancy thing if I was, say, 15 years younger? Perhaps, but irrelevant I suppose now. Either way, I tell you, this process is NOT natural. No matter what anyone says.

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