Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oh my poor neglected blog. It seems I had so much more to say when my love life was sordid and depraved. Since the arrival of Subtle in my life, I really don't seem to have as much to say anymore. And I daresay that this will continue for a little while yet. But we shall see.

Nearly four weeks ago, on 8 September, our lives changed forever. In such a short time, so many changes have occurred and things will never be the same again. On that day, Lucy arrived.

We had planned to try a natural birth, but she had other ideas. We were told to expect a big baby, but she proved everyone wrong. I was shocked when she arrived. This squishy, red, puffy, strange looking little thing couldn't possibly be ours, could it? But within a day, with the puffiness gone, and the strangeness starting to grow on me, I realised she was mine and she is beautiful.


Janene said...

Eeeeeeep! Congratulations! She is beautiful and precious!!
I can tell you it just gets better and better... and just when you think you'll bust with loving her, she'll do something to make you love her more!

Anonymous said...


I was wondering why i couldn't get in contact with you.
CONGRATULATIONS to all three of you!!

zoesmum said...

Could we please have an update, would love to see how your life has changed with your beautiful little Lucy

Brigitte Heitland said...

Hi Cath, thank you for stopping by at my blog. Seems yours is on a break for a while. Hope you are doing well anyway!!!
And you will continue posting!