Saturday, April 07, 2012

Well, despite my last post bemoaning the state of the world. I am here to carry on. And carry on we must with our latest bundle of joy arriving on 21 February. Her name is Anna and she came into the world telling us assuredly of her presence. And she hasn't let up since! For the truly observant, she is a double palindrome (name and DOB) and I fell for her the moment I saw her. Lucy adores her sister and calls for her and wants to hug and kiss her constantly.

Now facing life as a mother of two (eek!) seems scary. I have difficulty adjusting to my new title and responsibilities. Some days I melt down and cry when there is just too much going on around me and not one second of it for myself. And other days, I enjoy these little people I have created so much and am so very stunned that Subtle and I have made these gorgeous little things. Life is exhausting and tiring and challenging. So, probably all up, it is considered pretty normal!

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