Wednesday, March 27, 2013


When I first started my blog, I was a single girl looking for love and needed a place to talk about it.  I shared my experiences, good, bad and ugly, here for the world.  And it was great fun.  It was through this little blog that I met Subtle.  A bit of internet stalking, and an apparent interest in the hapless adventures of a 30-something romantic failure, apparently got him interested.  And from interest grew friendship and then love.  My life is barely recognizable from where it was five years ago.  I am married with children and a circle of friends that involves having play dates. Certainly something I didn't envision before Subtle came along.

So here I am with a blog about my love/sex life, and no scandals to write about! It would appear it is time for the blog to change format to be about my life, not just the juicy bits, but all the bits in between.  My life now is children, work, and mostly, sewing. Yes, sewing.  So be warned, those of you who might have been around since time eternal and are awaiting some juicy scandal, you might be disappointed to see entries related to getting neat seams or cutting fabric, or something like that.  Stay tuned.

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Esz said...

Hellz yeah! I've been reading your blog for only a bit before you met Subtle - and kept it in my Reader despite the long breaks cos I always liked what you wrote whether I could relate or not.

And now to find you are into SEWING. Hello! Me too! Its so rewarding isn't it?

Seems you'll be staying on my feeds for longer ;-)