Thursday, April 04, 2013

And sew it begins.... Sew Fransson, SewAlong 2013!

So here we go people.. Sewalong 2013! I have never blogged about my sewing adventures before, and indeed it is a very great departure from my prior blogging history.  But here I am attempting to host a sew-along and keep you enthused about this great project and on time.

You should all purchase the pattern as soon as possible, although, it is a PDF download, is delivered immediately, so you can be as late as you are comfortable with. Go via the Oh, Fransson! website to Elizabeth's shop to purchase via PayPal.

Some of the things that we need to discuss first I think is the timeframe. After a bit of discussion, I think everyone's consensus is to start in May.  So, 5 May it is!  I believe that the best breakdown for the work is over 8 weeks.  Some weeks are significantly busier than others, but it should mean that each week is a self-contained task.

The next thing is fabric and requirements.  For those people in Melbourne, we are working on a *pack* with GJ's - so watch this space.  But this pack, if possible, will be a collection of the interfacings and so on.  Feel free to buy fabric when you choose, but consider GJ's great range when purchasing (yes, shameless plug).

I think the biggest thing that people will have to consider, of course, is their fabrics.  I would love to know what people are considering for their bags.  The requirements for the bag are below (based on 42" or 110cm width fabric);
  1. Bag Exterior:  1.6m (1.75 yards)
  2. Fabric for Straps: 0.7m (0.75 yards)
  3. Lining: 1.4m (1.5 yards)
  4. Large Interior Pocket Lining and Patchwork: 0.4m (3/8 yard)
  5. All other Pocket Linings and Patchwork: 5 fat quarters
  6. Utility Fabric for Interlining: 1.4m (1.5 yards)

Note that the patchwork features could also be made up from your scrap piles! Elizabeth makes recommendations on print and solid fabrics, but you should choose what appeals to you. She recommends quilting-weight cotton, or even a mid-weight denim. A good strong fabric is ideal, but remember that you will eventually have a lot of layers to sew through, so keep in mind the power of your machine. Ikea has wonderful upholstery weight fabrics that are very hardy and could provide the right inspiration for you.

 It is important to always start with a new needles in your machine at the beginning of each new project, and this time it will be best if you use a denim or leather weight needle (90 or 100).
The use of interlining fabric is something that is certainly new to me in bag making.  I have always used lots of interfacing to provide structure and support.  Here she uses 'Utility Fabric', which is essentially a drill cotton.  Instead, you could try using a woven medium to heavy weight interfacing, that will provide support and some supple-ness.

The interfacings that she refers to are mostly US based brands, so feel free to replace with local equivalents.  I have given recommendations for locally available equivalents (or their nearest).
  1. 1" Cotton Webbing: 4.2m (4.5 yards)
  2. Lightweight Fusible Interfacing: Pellon JAS or H630 Fusible: 1.6m (1.75 yards)
  3. Ultra-heavyweight interfacing: Peltex fusible is available here, not sew-in: 0.7m (0.75 yards)
  4. Low-loft cotton batting scraps: 2 x 7.5" x 8.25" and 2 x 6.25" x 8.5"
  5. Zippers: 2 x 7" min and 1 x 12" min
  6. Elastic 4mm (3/8"): 1.4m (1.5 yards).
If that wasn't enough already, the timetable for the Sew-Along is as follows;

Week 1, 5 May:  Cutting out the Pieces
Week 2, 12 May:  Making the straps and bag bottom
Week 3, 19 May:  Making the patchwork pockets
Week 4, 26 May:  Making the bag exterior
Week 5,  2 June:  Making the zip pockets
Week 6, 9 June:  Making the gathered pockets
Week 7, 16 June:  Finishing the lining of the bag
Week 8, 23 June:  Finishing the bag

Week 1 is a BIG week, but by contrast, week 7 is an easy one. 

So, what are people thinking about for their colours/inspirations/variations?

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Kate said...

I think I will be gathering up a couple of Brisbane peeps and heading to Springwood and East Coast fabrics.