Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fabric-y Goodness

I am sure with the Sew-Along looming ahead of us, people have started purchasing their fabric.  There are of course those wondrous souls who will delve into their stash.  If you keep a stash with lengths of fabric at around 1.5m each, I envy you!  At right you can see my selection for the sew-along tote.  I have selected from the Mama Said Sew Range by Moda.  I have decided on cream zips for my pockets, and have also got some very sturdy canvas to use as interlining.

People have already been asking about a few technical related issues.  No worries people - I am your guinea pig to lead the way.  I have been experimenting with a couple of things which will help everyone's sewing journey to be that much easier (thing Pellon, and you may not have to cringe quite as much).

What fabric selections have you made? Have you gone with a range, scraps or a delightful collage of fabrics?

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