Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happiness is...

a brand new Aurifil Thread Colour Chart.  I have quilted and sewn with either the cheapest thread that was on sale, or Gutterman thread.  Recently I have discovered that there are actually other brands of thread out there in the world.  And one of these fine products is Aurifil. It comes in various weights for various uses, multiple spool sizes, and well over 200 different colours!  The colour chart is a thing of beauty.  Who knew that there were so many different yellows, and blues, and pinks....! Good old Gutterman only supplies 1000m thread in either black or white, but this lovely Aurifil supplies EVERY colour in a big spool.  As if I needed another quilting accessory or notion or nifty thing to buy and become obsessed by. But here I am fondly stroking the colour chart in bed the other night wondering over the great variety of colours that I can now match EXACTLY!

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