Tuesday, April 20, 2004

So my trials of dating continue. I met up with a boy on Sunday night whom I met via the internet (yes, I know, tres scarey....). His photo seemed to indicate less than troll-like appearance and a profile that was passable. But mes amies - how easily fooled one can be. He turned up to the pub (and not your grotty old man type pub either - but a comfortable local with an ounce of respectability about the patrons) in a tracksuit - more commonly seen on the over-70's Trafalgar holidaying types. This did not bode well for the evening. He then sat there with his glass of water and firmly refused to offer a drink to myself - gentlemen, take note - when meeting a woman for a drink - it is generally supposed to actually offer the purchase of said beverage! Many more tiresome things could be written here about his unsuitability - but nevertheless, let it be known that he will not be getting a second look-in.

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