Thursday, May 06, 2004

Cinco de Mayo..... or Maynot

I celebrated the national day of Mexico yesterday in the way all true mexicans do - I am sure. I ate large amounts of bad food - which feature cheese and avocados in vast quantities - and downed it all with mexican beer. My compatriots in this venture saw fit to celebrate with Margaritas. Question..... what do mexicans really eat for their traditional fare? Surely this dairy-laden fat-filled monstrosity that we are inflicted with is not the way of the locals - who can eat that much dairy in a hot and humid country? Seems ever so wrong in my books. Second question.... since when did the macarena become the national dance of Mexico? I am truly sorry for them as a nation. Perhaps I am way too cynical and put far too much thought into the occasion. I think one is meant to just eat, drink and dance without a thought of what the day actually represents (sort of like Christmas, New Year and all those other greeting card holidays I suppose!).

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