Friday, May 14, 2004

Thoughts from a sick-bed

Pardon me if my thoughts are jumbled. I have had quite a few days in bed with a cold of enormous proportions. My tolerance for day-time television is at an all-time low - having been through the stage of curiosity, then on down to boredom with nothing better to watch, now I am at the level of "please stick a needle in my eye rather than inflict any more bad soapies and soap-box talkies upon me".

Nevertheless, this time at home has given me time to reflect on the happenings at one's home during those daytime hours. While sipping a warm beverage on my couch the day before yesterday, my doorbell rang - by which I mean the security buzzer telephone/intercom thing-y. Now not usually being home during the day I was curious as to who it could be. I thought maybe one of my friends, realising my state of intense boredom has decided to bugger off from work and keep me company - or some other crazy thought. But in fact, it was some woman (whose name escapes me now), wanting to tell me the truth about the bible. Through a paracetamol and pseudo-ephedrine driven haze, I believe I managed to say "not today thanks!".

This brings me to the next point..... I have filter on my email for unwanted propaganda and porn that usually finds its way into our email inboxes these days. But when I check on the filtered mail, over half of it is from companies proclaiming to help me out of debt "the Christian way". What does that mean??? Nail all my debtors to a cross??

Maybe I just need another cup of tea and a good lie down.

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