Friday, May 21, 2004

Finding a good fit

I had dinner last night with N - the ex. Since our breakup a year ago we have attempted to maintain a friendship, probably since our relationship broke up due to a mutual recognition of its general lack of a future. We meet up regularly to catch up on the gossip of each others current dating woes and other trivial things. The complication has now arisen in that he has a girlfriend and she has just moved into his place. I am big enough to admit to a little bit of jealousy, but cognisant enough of the fact that I don't really want him back. To add fodder for the dramas of this attempted friendship, a couple of weeks ago, he kindly offered me sex, "should I ever feel like any". I quickly retorted, "But what about your girlfriend?". To which he shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something. Well last night, the offer was again put out there for me. Again, I enquired about his new beloved and the even more inappropriateness of his offer considering that she now shared his bed every night. He said that he is trying to "give it a go" and hoping that he will grow into it.

Now I know a lot of women who buy clothes hoping that one day they will lose the requisite 2-3 kgs for it to fit just right. I know all too well, that the weight never goes and the outfit is later considered a pre-menstrual financial mistake and mere folly. Should we ever really undertake anything hoping one day that it will fit right? Despite my small jealousies, I feel sorry for the girlfriend here. Maybe she doesn't know that she is one day destined for the relationship St Vinnie's chuck-out once it is realised that they were never meant to fit right.

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