Friday, December 31, 2004

Cath's 2004 Wrap-Up

At the close of this earthly transit around the sun, I felt it appropriate to look back over the last 360 or so days, and perhaps contemplate the coming year. As has been chronicled before, I am not one for making resolutions when all others around choose to do so. Nevertheless, the long weekend does give one more than ample opportunity for a little naval gazing. So what has 2004 brought me?

1. Well firstly, and most importantly, this Blog began this year. A creative outlet on occasion, or just a forum to vent. Thanks to all who visit, and even more so to those who re-visit and comment.

2. An outstandingly large number of bad dates and bad men. Who can forget Tracksuit Man, and of course, the lovely, but most unfortunately visaged, Shrek. There were many other men this year that I attempted to date, or at least, had sex with - but they were not mentioned due to a variety of reasons. Possibly due to me not wanting to look like too much of a tart - or maybe they were just not blog-worthy.

3. I think the year wrap-up would not be complete without some mention of B. Such joy and such despair, all within 5 months.

4. Another fabulous Tap Show and special glamour notations to the wonderful "Sunny Boy Showbags". A lovelier bunch of show-girls I daresay you will never find. Supportive, loving and glamorous, all in the same wonderful collective of ladies.

5. Work has not been as fabulous as I would have liked. But, it is still there and paying me - end of story.

6. I gained a flatmate, who certainly challenges me. The stress levels have increased, but so has the bank balance.

7. Personal growth, as well as some new and wonderful friends. I can happily add Goldie, and probably most significantly, S. L7 as always, whose friendship is never wavering despite the many challenges I throw up at her. Big kisses to all.

8. Some friends got married , and some others, surprisingly, had a beautiful baby. All happy moments that I am proud to have been part of.

They seem to be about it for now. Lots of other more dull things of course, overseas trips and the like, but not worth the mentioning.

As for the New Year, well I had said at the start of this year that if I didn't have a relationship by the end of the year, I was going to get a cat. I fear that tomorrow may see me at the RSPCA, but I reserve the right to change my mind. Who knows what should happen by midnight tonight?

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