Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There is a reason why noone is on the streets in small towns....

In days gone by every small town/suburb could be guaranteed of possessing a few things. There was always a post office, which may even double as the local newsagent and corner store. There would definitely be a pub - or generally more than one pub. And the final guaranteed addition in any place worth its merit was the ubiquitous Chinese Restaurant. God bless the members of that plucky nation to bring their cuisine, or some bastardised version of it, to every corner of the world. But I have recently noticed a new addition to township of the 21st century. It appears that everywhere I go there always seems to be an "adult shop". It appears we are now a nation that is proud of its dildo selection and lubricant choices! Puts a whole new light on "rooting*" for your country!

*for foreigners.... rooting in Australia refers to fornication, as opposed to supporting your team!

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