Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Marriage Offer #1 for 2005

I have been using the internet for quite a while now as a means of meeting gentleman. Its measure of success could be considered dubious in my own circumstances, but considering the few men that I meet in my daily routine; it seemed as good a path as any for seeking out a future partner.

One of the curious consequences is discovering what 'type' of man finds me attractive and interesting. I have a 'type' that I prefer, which strangely enough is nothing like then men with whom I have had significant relationships. Hmm why is that? (For reference: blonde hair/blue eyes = Melt, brown eyes/dark hair = boyfriend.)

In the past the men I could rely upon to seek me out were the uneducated, middle-aged bikes, with requisite handle-bar moustache, from the far eastern suburbs. Try as I might, there is little about these gentleman than is desirable for me. More recently another type of gentleman is becoming more prevalent in my romantic "Inbox".

The newcomer to my Inbox is a plethora of Indian men. Ostensibly nothing wrong with them, I am sure, but just not my type. (For that matter, Greek and Italian men can usually be counted out as well). As with any internet approach (i.e. virtual kisses, smiles and the like) the simplest solution, when one clearly senses no attraction, is either a polite decline for further contact, or alternatively, blatant disregard.

Three days ago, whilst going through the latest romantic notifications of interest from hopeful beaus, I received a surprise. I was made my first marriage offer for the year. His email began, "In response to your profile, I hereby furnish my profile as under regarding matrimonial alliance." Having suitably secured my interest, I couldn't help but read on. His age was generic ("40+"), which was in stark contrast to the detailed and itemised education and current wages. He also included details of his family and their marital status and employment history. Indeed, his list of qualities could just as easily have been a Curriculum Vitae!

The effort that this gentleman is applying to find a wife is certainly a far cry from my last marriage proprosal. The circumstantial details are a little hazy, but I do remember reposing in bed one evening, when N asked if I would like to "get hitched". With such a romantic and thoughtful proposal, one wonders how I ever declined!

But as to the matter at hand: will I regret not responding to this gentleman's generous offer? Hmmm. I am sure I can live with the pain.

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