Monday, May 09, 2005

I maybe slow on occasion... but come on!

I was recently approached by a gentleman online about meeting for a coffee. We made arrangements for a location and time, but something bothered me. I suppose alarm bells always ring for me when the request for a meeting comes too soon. It is off-putting when the invitation is so quick that is smacks of desperation. This fellows profile seemed generic in his suitability, but still there was something that made my sensors go into overdrive.

His photo.

His photo was very attractive. Very suave and sophisticated. But something about it seemed just so familiar. So I went with my gut instinct and cancelled the planned meeting and put my mind to a little research.

It was then that I found his photo online in another location. Not in another on-line dating site. Not in some scandalous porn site. No, I found it in the "Fletcher Jones" catalogue. I thought that fake photos were purely the domain of an episode of "Friends".

Always knew my life was a soap opera - just thought it was a little more "Bold and the Beautiful" rather than "Everybody Loves Raymond".


Anonymous said...

You should have gone ahead with the date.
Maybe he is Mr Felcher Jones (w00t!), or at least you could take a photo and use it as proof to get his lying ass banned.

Anonymous said...

If it had been from some scandalous porn site - would you have cancelled the meeting? - R