Saturday, May 21, 2005

Well everyone has a hobby!

I have never been known for my discretion. Least of all with details about much of my life. I prefer to call it honesty. Perhaps even a willingness to share. But more often than not, it is called "over-sharing". There are those who have found it problematic, but I consider part of who I am. Without which, I would, doubtless, be a little more mysterious, but perhaps a little duller.

This said, there are some things that even I have kept close to the chest. Some facets of my life and history which remain unspoken. Some things are painful. Some are things best forgotten. But others are just simply not the sort of thing that people generally admit to, or discuss in polite company.

So the other night I was at dinner with some of my friends from my "Book Club". We were discussing how your exposure to people and cultures will obviously broaden one's experience and understanding. For example, I mentioned that many years ago I was completely clueless about the part that "Dental Dams" had to play in sex. Not being lesbian, it had never occurred to me that such a thing would be required or warranted. But lack of exposure to lesbian sex, and at the very least, to lesbians who wanted to discuss in graphic detail their sexual encounters, obviously meant that I was somewhat under-informed in this regard.

So cutting back to the dinner conversation, one woman mentioned something she had recently been reading and it mentioned a few terms that she was unfamiliar with. One phrase that had her confused was "The Money Shot", at which point I quickly was able to provide her with an explanation. I realised at the end of my succinct exegesis, that I observed more than one dinner companion looking at me curiously.

It appears that I may have let slip something about my other "interests".


Labbie said...

You should see how many times I've put my foot in my mouth and/or revealed too much about myself. I completely understand you...

IA said...

it was all an act, they love the money shot