Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How stupid can you be?

More than once I have made reference to my flatmate. He is not possessed of a great wit, intellect or charm, but since he has been living with me, he has become a constant source of amusement cum ridicule. He is not known for his neatness or cleanliness, but on occasion he has been known to whip around with the vacuum cleaner, and wash a plate or two.

Tonight I came home to a definitely funky smell in the apartment. The flatmate bounded out happily to tell me that he vacuumed and Glen-20'd the place.

Need I point out that I vacuumed the entire place only 4 hours prior? Apparently I should add lack of observation skills to his list of faults.


Anonymous said...

Not nice, Cath. G's got a huge heart.

sarcastrix said...

I've hat flatmates do that to me before. I clean everything. They then use a dish and wash it, telling everybody else that the house is now clean because of all THEIR efforts.