Monday, August 01, 2005

So what do you think about?

I asked what I thought was a simple question. Often I have consulted Pingu on matters of an intimate nature, and he has consulted me for the same. I had been asking a few people the same question trying to gauge what the appropriate response or reaction should be. Some people raised an eye-brow and felt it a little "off". Others felt it was generally a compliment. But when I asked Pingu, no simple answer was forthcoming.

I asked whether it was a good thing if a guy says that he thinks of you when he is having a wank.

True to form, Pingu, took the question quite seriously and began asking multiple questions to ascertain what could possibly be going on in the head of the boy in question. Is he sleeping with anyone else? How did he tell you this? What did he say he thought of? I answered as best as I was able, and the general result was that Pingu thought that it was a good thing.

Unfortunately, I just got a message from "the boy" to tell me that he met up with a girl from high school over the weekend and intends on spending time with her. So it doesn't really matter anymore about what he thinks, and what I indeed think about that!


Pingu said...

at least one part of it was right :) I did say that it wasn't a bad thing, but that he wasn't just fantisizing about you to the point of obsession :D

Occidentally said...

Depends on what he's thinking. If he's imaging it was your hand or mouth or other parts, that's a good thing. If, however, he's thinking of chopping you to bits, well...