Thursday, November 24, 2005

Memories are made of this

I was reflecting recently on the positive things I have gained out of relationships I have had. All too easily I may concentrate that one man caused, or the lies and deceit of another, but forget some of the nice things that I walked away from the relationship with.

N, despite his kind offers in the past, introduced me to my first experience of live opera. He would buy two season tickets every year, and take with him whomever he felt like. Luckily, while we were dating, I benefited from this and was able to enjoy some wonderful productions. He started in me a life-long love of opera, and this is something for which I will always be grateful.

Again, determined to concentrate on the good, I thought of B. He wined and dined me beautifully, but also hurt me deeply. But I must say is that the best thing he introduced me to is the wonderful "Tanqueray No. 10". It is now a staple on my drinks shelf and has proved a more fulfilling partner than he was in retrospect.

I am sure if most people sat down and analysed past relationships, it is hopeful that anyone of us could name something, simple as it maybe, that we gained from having known someone.

Which brings me to what those gentlemen in question may have gained from me. Recently I mentioned that I had spoken to B online. It seemed this was not to be our last exchange. Last week, we spoke again, whilst he was quite inebriated and I was in a playful mood. Being as he was, he decided to talk frankly of matters sexual. Apparently, his lasting memory of our entire relationship, one which he treasures still, is quite simply, my technique of fellatio.

So glad that I wasted all that time with sparkling conversation and such.


Steph said...

hahahaha! Nice. Well at least you left a lasting impression.

somewhat-sober said...

tanqueray gin is one of the most excellent drinks in the world!

that is a pretty good thing to get out of a relationship :)

Illegally Blonde said...

With the bad comes the good. I seriously believe every relationship I've had to date has taught me a vital lesson.

Bliss said...

Hey, that's a pretty good thing to be remembered for. :)