Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Question time

I find it all too easy at the moment to gush about the boy, and for the time being, my friends are happy to hear what they can about him. Everyone has some question to ask about him, but the questions that people pose are quite different, and I have noticed, dependent upon the personal interests of that person.

S does Aikido, and is therefore interested in the fact that the boy does a martial art. He wanted to know what style of fighting, and what grade he is at. A girlfriend who works in the travel industry, enquired as to his travel history. Wishtup dances, and asked as to whether the boy is a dancer. It is a natural thing, I suppose, that people will immediately try to find common ground with someone new to my life, by their own interests.

But I think the best first question in regards to the boy comes from L7. No dallying around topics as to his employment, his interests or his past emotional history. I was asked, "Is he big enough?".

As I said, people ask what comes to mind in reference to their own favoured interests.


Glenn said...

Huge congratulations Cath, long time reader first time comment-er ;)

One thing I'm sure people have asked, but I'd still like to see.

Are you happy?

I can assume you are from your posts, but I can't see any point in which you do mention if you and he going steady brings a smile to your heart.

Anyway, thanks for the great blog :)

Donna said...


A time will come when they're sick of hearing it, if all goes to plan, so make the most of it at every opportunity!

Long may it continue.

ivan said...

Smart boy you have there, so, are you feeling a little more secure and less nervous?