Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fac me vere tecum flere

My flatmate has been attempting to "Feng Shui" our home, and has placed mirrors and such around to enhance the chi. He stated that the Boy had come into my life because of his placement of a fishtank (with requisite three goldfish) in a certain corner of the house. This provided me and the boy with many a chortle.

But I chortle no more.

Today I got a letter, yes, snail mail variety, from the Boy. It begins with "Dear Cath", and quickly goes down hill. Apparently, despite "going steady" with me, he has developed "serious feelings for someone else". My good friends, anxiety and depression, seem to be doing some serious knocking on my door. My despair is palpable, and the effort required to function seems impossible to muster. My eagerness to go on, and my joie de vie has slipped ever more further from my grasp.

But all I could comment to my mother, as she cried with me, was, "So much for the fucking Feng fish." Fish fingers anyone?

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Occidentally said...

Sorry to hear this, Cath. I have nothing but contempt for someone who doesn't have the balls or respect to say something like this in person. He sure didn't write a letter when he wanted to "go steady".