Monday, May 15, 2006

Where Cath learns to relax

It seems that Thackeray, as a name, is not catching on. Seems to be too obscure - But Miss T's name of Bond, International Man of Mystery, is another matter. The boy himself chortled on reading the comments from Miss T. So, Bond it shall be. Things with him just seem to get better and better.

One of my criticisms of an ex, B, was the fact that in all the time we dated, he never introduced me to his best friend. I used to wonder what he had told his friend, if anything at all, about me, and wondered why I was kept apart from his life. Last night, Bond was partying up with his best friend, and via the wonders of MSN Messenger, I was able to chat with her. It seems, that despite my worries about what he doesn't say to me, he had been running off at the mouth about me to her. And it was good. They have an enviably close friendship, and share everything. So to talk to her, albeit electronically, was a great honour.

Further still, she asked me not to hurt Bond. I don't remember ever having someone warn me about hurting someone else. It is usually my friends that do the warning to my beaus. Actually, it is usually L7 balling them out for treating me badly - but I digress. And here she was, telling me that he is a good man, and to not hurt him.

At that point, I realised something. Friends don't make those sorts of warnings unless they know that their friend really likes someone. My level of trust just went up a notch, and my anxiety diminished.

It is all big bunches of good, people.


Anonymous said...

enjoy, enjoy, enjoy .... but keep one foot on the ground. x

Anonymous said...

Yes please do, I would have to have to start an international man hunt simply to kill someone.... drinking with them and making a complete arse out of one's self is so much more fun :)

Anonymous said...

mke that first have read 'hate', damn these fippers!!!

Donna said...

Exes are there to be scrutinised, slated and generally sacrificed in the name of good writing / reading material.

I'm in the process of explaining about all my exes and all different eras at the mo, so let's hope none of the fuckers happen to find my website round about now!