Monday, May 22, 2006

Writer's Block

On arriving at work this morning, I was greeted with the usual hello's from fellow staff. Of course, those hello's are always followed up with people asking for gossip from the weekend. In the past this has meant that I would relate some tragic date or boy-related annoyance. It seems that more than one person lives their lives vicariously through my tragic misadventures. But today, I had nothing to report.

With Bond well and truly in my head, and creeping ever-closer to my heart, I have no desire to play the field. I am no longer on any internet dating sites. I have resigned myself to no more trysts with the Opera Boy. I don't want to flirt with boys ad infinitum (well, gay-boys will always have my flirtations - but that is different!). When I have had the best - why waste time with second-placers?

So what will I blog about now without bad men in my life?


alphawoman said...

as soon as the honeymoon is over there will be ample amounts of material.

Donna said...

Mary, that's SO cynical!

I'm sure that when I met L, there were lots of fellow bloggers who were quite disappointed in me. Even some friends seemed horrified that, like you say, they could no longer live vicariously through my man-related dramas (catastrophes more like).

You will still find things to write about. I look forward to hearing more about your relationship with Bond as it progresses.