Thursday, August 10, 2006

Smoothing the font of loveliness

Last night was my monthly dinner with the girls. It was once a "Book Club", and yes, we still read books, but more commonly, we discuss all and sundry that happens to be relevant to the evening. And last night, it was pubic waxing.

It seems one of our number was contemplating her first Brazilian, and wanted details. For this, I could happily provide more than enough. Although, noting everyone's squemishness, I avoided too many specifics, and only responded to direct questions. It seemed that I was some sort of expert on the matter, since I have waxed, plucked, lasered and depilated all over my mons pubis. Of course, we then diverted into a philosophical discussion over just why someone would want to remove all their genital hair, and then somehow moved onto my collection of porn....

Coincidentally, today I was reading one of my favourite bloggers, Mercurial Girl, and she passed on a recommendation about the great act of pubic hair removal from Grace Undressed. GO READ IT NOW! It is hilarious, as well as full of helpful hints!

This is a woman who knows her vadge - god bless her!


a giRL liKe mE said...

Hi, this isn't really a comment post and I don't want to be a spammer.

I was Slut to Serenity - found your comment asking wtf on my old site (since it was hijacked by advertisers!).

Anyway, this is my new ID!!

dO said...

For some reason I originally read that you were discussing "public waxing".

"Geezus", I thought, "isn't that assaulting the boundaries". Then I wondered who on earth would want to submit to having a Brazilian waxed in a public forum, and who would want to watch. Public waxing in a public bar coming soon to your neighbourhood.

I did a double-take. "Oh, PUBIC waxing!"