Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dressing Up

I love my pyjamas. I have been known to entertain in them at home. I have a wide variety of colours and styles and I adore them all. When I get home, after a long day of curing the world of cancer, and whatever else happens in my travels, the first thing I will do is change into my pj's.

Now, I don't necessarily sleep in them. Certainly the pants are always off - issues with the legs of them being long and catching on the sheets and just all over general discomfort. And, well, if I had an "overnight guest", I may wish to be as unencumbered as possible. But all of that aside, I love my pj's.

Last Saturday night, PSD had a party, and declared to all that "winter woolies" were encouraged. So Miss L and I decided to take in one step further and attend in our pyjamas. With Ugg boots my case, and bed socks and slippers in hers. Of course, being me, I still had full makeup.

How liberating it was to leave in one's pyjamas and be comfortable all night. And at the end of the night, be able to tumble straight into bed!

So there I was, drink in one hand, and feeling ever so relaxed, talking to a rather divine looking gentleman. It turned out that he and I bonded over butcher's aprons and opera - need I mention that the party was about 95% male, and nearly 100% gay? No? I thought not. We chatted and at one point, I remarked about my rather casual attire. He looked at me, not quite understanding my point. I further elaborated, "I am wearing my pj's! See!?". (For further clarification they were designer to boot.) Suddenly, a penny dropped, and he remarked, "Oh, I just thought you were very bohemian."

Me? Bohemian? Clearly not. It is the hair isn't it? I look all "casual" now - even with heavy makeup and long nails.


Anonymous said...

LOL. PJ's and full face make up sounds like something I would do. If I leave the house looking a little "bohemian" I just pretend like I'm someone famous.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I have only just seen your blog for the first time (followed it here from RYWHM) and we have THE SAME HAIRDRESSER ... AND he cut too much off my hair last Thursday!

At least, I assume it's the same hairdresser - there can't be too many straight 38 year old californian males cutting hair out there. I don't want to slander him, but is the salon L----- B-----? and is his first initial T?

Cath said...

Anon.. oh yes - that is him. Lovely as he is - but did he tell you that he likes lesbians? Thus the short hair thing methinks!!!!

Anonymous said...

But we all like lesbians dear ;)

Anonymous said...

He didn't mention lesbians to me.

My hair is more Monica Lewinski than lesbian.

I too had bra-length locks, but mine were wavy and auburn *cry*