Wednesday, June 27, 2007


You ever have one of those days where you just feel like crying? Well I do. And tonight was the occasion. So I tried walking in the rain, as a good masking mechanism for my tears. But it didn't work.

But the moment I stepped in the door, where it was warm and cosy and Isabella greeted me (to demand food of course) - the tears began. And I want them to continue. I am hoping that the tears will cleanse my mind and heart, and make all feel better than it does right now.

I just worry sometimes that, as they say, this is as good as it gets. What next if it is?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just need a good cry to let it all out. I hope that it helped and things are better for you tomorrow.

Perseus said...

I hope it was nothing I said.
I recommend a cup of Liptons, some Bach and a pair of ugg-boots in front of the fire.

Cath said...

Thanks Kelly.... you are right - sometimes a good cry is what is needed.

Perseus - mais non... nothing you said treasure! LOL. I just wish I had the fire to take up your advice - surely a ritual burning of something in the house will help?

Sarah said...

You view crying like I do: as a baptism to cleanse you so you can start again. :)

Kerri said...

Hey Cath, things build up and you release them with a good howling at the moon!! But I am thinking that all in all, your good as it gets, is pretty fucking amazing!! You are an outstanding intelligent lass with lots of interests, with many many fun accoutrements to your life. Enjoy and make the most of it I say
Cheers Kerri