Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Great Expectations

My usual Friday night is spent at home with the cat - consoling her after being away for a night for work and frankly just doing a lot of nothing. And, I am generally quite ok with this arrangement. But last Friday, I decided to hit the town.

Miss L and I braved a CBD drinking establishment and found ourselves amongst a flurry of suits and all manner of drinkers. We joined in, but eventually found solace in a comfy couch. At this point, a couple of gentlemen, apparently visiting from country New South Wales, happened upon us, and we struck up a conversation. One of the gentlemen was of the real country variety, including weather-beaten Akubra and muddy boots. But, by contrast, one of his friends, was lovely.

Really lovely.

Ok, don't get me wrong, I wasn't falling all over myself for him, and was quite realistic that he really wasn't my type - but I thought to myself, here was a fellow I could most definitely shag. And trust me, that is not a thought that has passed easily in my mind for a extraordinarily long time. Miss L and I decided, after some time, that Dinner was calling us. The companions of our new friend had left him to our charms, so we invited him out to dinner with us.

We then departed for a restaurant where we enjoyed some great Greek food, and introduced our naive Country boy to some big-city delights. While chewing on my saganaki, I pondered getting this strapping lad back home to my place.

By time the bill came, I was ready for action. Miss L needed to depart, as it was now quite late, and she had an early morning engagement (foolishness!), so we all rose to leave. Oh, did I mention that he paid for all of us? Out into the brisk night air we ventured, and put Miss L into her taxi. I thought - this is it Cath! - you could be getting you some sexing tonight! But as quick as that thought came and went, he had hailed another cab for me, shook my hand and wished me well!

What the fuck?

The next morning I related the evening's events to my mother, who exclaimed, "Isn't it lovely to know that there are still men out there who are gentlemen, who don't expect anything?".

Um, yeah sure. Yippee for gentlemanly men. Bah, humbug!


coffeesnob said...

sounds like a movie. the chorister and the cowboy.

Andrew The Asshole said...

that is a funny story. Nice guys always finish last so what would the proper response be to that night? So should he have ask if you wanted that second cup of coffee to go... on the drive back to your place? or straight to the point do you want that cup of sex to go?

Livy said...

I married one of those "muddy boots, Akubra" types. It's turned out quite well, but they are pretty old school.
Maybe he was trying to do the right thing and not take advantage. Sucks though.

Perseus said...

Maybe he thought you wanted to make a baby that very night.

Speaking of which, I couldn't help but notice you've thrown up the idea of a date (over at RYWHM).

I'm in if you're in. I've been on 2 blind dates in my life, and neither were overly-traumatic.

I prefer Strauss to Verdi (but prefer both to Beyonce etc.), and although I haven't read the same books as you this year, I've read as many (though I did read 'The Plague' last year).

How does it work from here? Do I send you a mixed tape?

londongirl said...

Humn. Gentlemanly is good. But sometimes gentlemanly isn't what we want.

does he have your number?

kiki said...



Anonymous said...

Damn girl,
you winge when we want to sleep with you then winge when we don't!!
I say we can't win!