Friday, July 13, 2007


Following up on the winter party hosted by PSD, where Miss L and I wore our PJ's... PSD had a catch-up with one of the attendees at his little soiree. Apparently, he commented on the lovely lesbians in attendance. PSD thought for a moment, clearly not recalling any lesbians, until his friend elaborated, "The one's wearing pyjamas."

So for all those people to whom I said my hair made me look like a middle-aged dyke - I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!

Mind you, Miss L is lovely, and we would make a lovely couple.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! I sooo know this feeling. My mom and I both had bad cuts... you can see at my blog I posted about my horrible do's... and we went shopping together. They thought we were 'together' too... it was horrible!

don't worry... it will grow in... that is what I keep telling myself...

londongirl said...

Eeek. Hope hair is growing fast. Get with the vitamins.