Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sins from the past

It seems of late that everyone around me are couples. To make it worse, by happenstance, I created a Facebook page - I really don't know what happened there - but as part of the process, it can troll through your email addresses and find people who also have a Facebook account. It appears that I have quite a few old addresses of people in there, and they returned successful hits in Facebook.

More than one man that I have dated in the past, is in Facebook and listed as engaged, and in one case, a new father. Even funnier, one guy that I dated accepted the automated function to be a "friend", and when it came to the part where it asks how you two met or know each other, he chose "we met randomly". Random? If you call meeting off an internet dating site and dating for a wee while, and him then writing me a letter to dump me, random...???? I responded that "it wasn't quite random". And his response was to remove me as a friend.

So it appears that I am date-worthy, before they move on to other more appropriate women. Sigh.

Which brings me to this weekend. I am going to a wedding. I must admit that I really don't enjoy weddings. They are dull in the extreme, with (usually), bad food, strangers, and bad speeches. This one will probably be no different - although the day is never about the guests - it is for the "happy couple". This day will be a little different in the sense that the only people I know there will be the bride and groom, and the groom's family - since the groom and I dated a few years ago for a while. Hopefully it will be better than I imagine.

Oh, and to add to all of that, Bond and I spoke the other day for the first time in over six months. Many text conversations have occurred, but this is the first time I heard his voice in so long. I must admit that my heart leapt, and then it didn't know what to do. I don't know how I feel right now about it all. Of course, I miss him. Of course, I desire him. Of course, he was a total fuck to me.

Double sigh.


Katja said...


I thought you must have abandoned the blog - it's been so long since you posted.

I understand the heart leaping thing with Bond, and while forgiving is important, not forgetting is important too :)

Love you

Dick Masterson said...

"I responded that "it wasn't quite random"."

Completely inappropriate.

Step one to being classy is shutting the mouth.