Monday, April 21, 2008

Miles and misunderstanding

A few weeks ago I participated in what is commonly called "a fun run". What is surprising to myself is that I not only ran - a feat in itself - but I suspect that I had fun doing it! I am by no means a natural runner, being neither lean of limb, or lithe of build. But I have been on a course of self-improvement which includes eating healthy and moving my arse regularly.

So I got up early, ran along the Yarra and around the Tan, cavorted amongst other fellow runners, feeling slightly holier than thou, and then went home. So what does one do following an early morning run out in fresh air? Retreat for a morning coffee and yummy brunch is what!

After my repast, I felt in the mood to rent a couple of DVD's and retreat to the couch with Isabella and put ice on my injuries. (Oh, yes I am seeing a Physio now regularly - getting fit is never easy is it?) I wandered to my nearby DVD rental store. Often when I go in looking in for a movie, I want something to jump out at me. But strangely this time I knew what I was exactly in the mood for. I looked on every shelf I could think of, and still could not find the movie. Resigned to having to ask for assistance, I approached the video store clerk. I was "nearly" sure of the full movie title, so I asked, "Look, I am looking for some movie called 28 Days or something - but I can't find it!". He, knowing his product well, offered, "Oh, the Sandra Bullock movie?". Immediately I realised my mistake. I may have screeched, "OH GOD NO!". Then, with realisation dawning on his face, he proceeded to, "Then, maybe it is a zombie movie?". "Yes!!! That is it!". "Ahh! That is 28 Days Later."

Whoops! So close.

He then directed me to the horror section, at which point I may have made comment about not even thinking to look there. He said, "Well, it is a zombie movie, it certainly isn't a comedy." "But, Shawn of the Dead was funny."

Oh yes, my witty repartee was in full flight. God forbid that I may have been flirting with the clerk. But my biggest fear was that he had thought I looked the sort of person who wanted to watch a Sandra Bullock movie!

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