Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few wedding happy snaps...

Those of you who have read Subtle's, you will be already appraised of the wedding day. Everything went wonderfully. Better than wonderful. Foolproof. Perfect. Divine.

I began my morning with Brunch with Katja and Co, and then went onto pack up all my things and pick up my quasi-bridesmaids. The most surprising part of the day was the upgrade we were treated to on arrival at the hotel. I was told that there would be an upgrade. But nothing, NOTHING, compares to being upgraded to the Presidential Suite (worth allegedly $6500/night). A grand piano, 8 person dining room, double King Beds and a bathroom bigger than some homes was a startling surprise. Of course, we took it all in our stride, and the bridesmaids and I did *not* run around giggling. Much.

The spa was trialled, as was the TV above it. We are nothing but grace and decorum.

After the hair and makeup was done, and before the dress was donned, we had little to do amuse ourselves with except composing arty shots. Apparently my garter (courtesy of my wonderful Tap Class) became a feature of some note. Along with my perfume. Arty-shots.. who understands them?

I had no desire for a veil, but had to produce some sort of hair garnish to feel suitably bridal. This was what I opted for - a silver/crystal/beaded headpiece and feather.

Sentimental words, and some legalities, and here we are with an official marriage certificate!

Somehow the ring doesn't photograph as well as it looks in person. But trust me, it blings!

Here I am.... oh, that's right, I am obscured by a group of people and this *is* meant to be an anonymous blog. But the train of my dress is quite pretty don't you think?

Here is Subtle, or at least, part of him. He didn't want to wear any sort of buttonhole flower, but some rose petals were thrown after the ceremony and apparently someone felt the need to stuff them in his jacket. We are nothing but class.

The cake required many taste tests to come up with something that made the groom happy, and not panic the bride. I probably won't feel like Chocolate Port Cake for a little while longer, but regardless, it looked fantastic and tasted wonderful. Thanks to Miss Stems for her artful arrangement of flowers and to Miss Tracey for her recipe!

I hadn't planned on many speeches being given, but quite a few were - mostly impromptu. As a result, I apologise to the guests for boring them.

Inevitably, with too many drinks consumed during the reception, confusion abounded as to whose drink was whose. Sadly I think all these drinks are actually water.

By the end of the night, we were all quite a lot worse for wear. So much so that my bridesmaids could no longer determine push from pull at doors. Lucky they looked pretty.

I hope this satisfies some people's need for photos.... back to our regular programming in the near future!


Mr Subtle said...

Very nice post my wife. I'm very impressed with the write up and the photos!

The day did go perfectly and I'm still overjoyed about being married and how great our honeymoon was!

Love you heaps cutie.

Anonymous said...

don't get mushy on us Subtle.